Relationship, the word which enacts two people being held together in the sense of care, love and support. It has a sense of belongingness amongst two individuals. Relationship is a close friendship between two or more people. It is a connection of heart and a bond between two souls. We cannot describe it in words, it’s just a feeling where people come together and complete each other. A healthy relation needs to have complete trust and understanding, if a relation does not have a strong foundation the bond or relation won’t work out. A relationship also involves hard work of maintaining it if you don’t put same efforts you might face consequences. It teaches you many things.
I just want to end it with only few lines of mine.
Don’t make any relation ‘Fake’ make it ‘Real’ and ‘Beautiful’ with Heart & Souls

SYBMM A 2046.


Relationships: A tag….or is it?.

Whenever we hear this particular word many things come up in our funny little heads. It can be someone you know or closely related or might be just a faint memory. Mother and Son, Girlfriend and Boyfriend, Teacher and Student, so on and so forth. For some people they are everything. I’m talking about the tags, not the person. It’s like nutella on waffles. More the merrier. But sometimes this sweetness can make you feel like to throw it away. You just can’t handle it. Too much sweetness can’t be handled at times.
It’s amazing how people bribe people or gods because there is expenditure on both the sides. Domino’s to get that girl’s name. Write assignment to sit next to the new guy. Do the chores for sister to convince dad for a new bike. Funny yet it leads either to disappoint or is a complete success. You pull your resources and somehow manage to make it up to the summit of tags.
This could have simply been a third person dead romantic story to blog. However I beg to differ and cover all under one roof. Because all are important in their own ball game. Siblings to a single child or girlfriend/boyfriend to a hopeless romantic or a person with lot of friends but no best friend to share a bowl of maggie. All needs are important doesn’t mean all can be satisfied. So everything thing needs to be optimised.
For starters, it’s mostly found that one in relationship with a same or opposite gender often forget about their friends. Both are tough to balance. Not many agree but it is. You are trying hard to be stable holding both trays. But a nudge of mistrust can lead to both of them falling out of your hands. It’s disheartening. Fearing to clean up both but you mess it more often.
Love is a very powerful motivator in life. It makes people move mountains or in some cases, break them. Dasharat Manjhi who single handedly broke mountain just because his wife didn’t reach hospital on time. Often love leads to madness which results to telecast an episode on Crime Patrol about it. Fall in love but don’t be naive and stupid. Be rational but not that much that it sucks the fun out of you.
Lastly, while living with these so called tags, try to cherish them and learn from them. Don’t depend on a tag to define your bond with that person. You both define that tag, not the other way around. It sounds confusing and sarcastic but the longer to read, you understand it more often.
Abhitosh Yadav

National integration in india : The need of hour.

National integration is also known as Rastriya Ekta and National integration day as Rastriya Ekta Diwas. It is a positive aspect to reduce the differences of socio-cultural and economic as well as inequalities among people of the country. It promotes to strengthen the unity among people of any group, society, community and whole country to bring national unity a day. It is not a force by any authority however it is a request from people to make our country a developed country. It is possible only through the unity and harmony of the people. They should share their ideas, values and other issues to enhance their emotional bonds. People must feel and live the unity within diversity and make our national identity a supreme power.

Hinal Thakur

National Integration of India: The need of the hour.

Our country is an independent nation since 15 August 1947. The partition of India was the splitting up of British India, and also the division of two nations, India and Pakistan, as two different new territories. India has tremendously grown, after the era of slavery and dependency. Right after Independence, our nation had imported food grains and depended upon international aid, till late 1960’s, but now our nation stands at the second position for production of tea, cotton, sugarcane, wheat, rice etc. , and is also the largest producer of pulses, oil seeds, fresh fruits etc.  India has one of the largest military powers, and we have successfully developed and tested nuclear weapons. In addition to our achievements, our nation has also eradicated Polio. Moreover our literacy rate has increased and the education sector has witnessed a drastic change.

India consists of various religions, cultures, the trends or activities we follow etc but what brings us together despite the struggle we have undergone is unity, companionship and integrity. It is not forced by any authority but it’s an emotional bond we share with each other keeping aside caste, creed, gender and community.

Integrity leads to a positive aspect to reduce socio-cultural, economic as well as differentiations and inequality between people. It’s about living harmoniously with people and to stand as one powerful country. Nowadays, we come across cases of disintegration examples including: The riots in Mumbai in the year 1992-1993 due to the demolition of Babri Masjid in Uttar Pradesh because of communal issues, lead to disputes between Hindu and Muslim. Similarly, the riots in Aligarh, in the year 2006 were due to misunderstandings among the Hindu and Muslims, the Anti – Sikh riots in 1984 had led to huge amount of chaos and bloodshed. It also includes examples of the barrier of untouchability, barrier of language, status barrier and other social barriers had weakened our foundation but, we Indians have not allowed any kind of disintegration to come in our ways. We have fought for peace and harmony and today we stand as a one strong nation. This is

what integration means; unity of people.

You and I are a part of this motherland and it’s our duty to accept every individual, live and love with every human selflessly. We should all vow for the betterment for ourselves and everyone around us and also for our nation. In spite of all differences we should stand strong and live without any political and social conflicts. We all should strongly believe in the term oneness and not differences amidst others. I truly believe. Don’t you ?

-Poorva Chavan


National Integration In India : the need of the hour

India, the perfect example of ‘UNITY IN DIVERSITY’. The culture of India makes people proud of themselves and induces feelings of nationalism. India is a blend of multi- racial and multilingual composition.
People from all communities and backgrounds unite to develop cohesion and make the term,’ National Integrity’ more meaningful.
Unity in Diversity is the main motto of the Indian lifestyle and culture. The country maintains unity among its citizens, irrespective of the culture they belong to.
National Integrity is so deeply rooted in us that it brings about a sense of mutuality among all the citizens of the country and furthermore intensifies their bond, keeping them intact through eternal patriotism.

Radhika Sharma

Fybmm B

National Integration In India: The Need Of The Hour

Integrity is that emotional bond which has the ability to bring intense connectivity in the physical bonding of the people that we live with and are surrounded by. When we specifically talk about the integration in a nation, we are undoubtedly looking forward to a broader scenario. Let me put it in a very simple way for you. By integrity, we understand the feeling of honesty, goodness, fairness, simplicity and impartiality that enables us to look at everyone around; with a same vision. When the people are being treated with no difference and partialities, it is known as integration among them. So, when we talk of national integrity, we assume a nation whose people are unbiased and they overlook all the differences among each other irrespective of different castes, creed, race, culture and language. India is indeed a great nation and I will not be exaggerating it, if I say that it has been an ideal example of national integration in front of the other nations of the world where the people of the religions and sub religions are amazingly integrated. But this integration does not come at own. It is the people of that nation who have to understand what boon integrity brings for them. It is the people of the nation who have to work for bringing integrity among each one of them.
India is now progressing gradually at a faster pace. Its people, economy and the social system is now getting globalized and better with each phase of time. India had also witnessed such days when the social taboos like untouchability, backwardness and communalism was harming its social and national image. But as I said that; it is only the people who realize that something needs to be changed and transformed now.
India has been a land of the great thinkers, philosophers and activists who took the initiative to bring about the transformation in the nation. And all their efforts brought about the national integrity in the nation and made them understand that differences based on castes, orthodox social practices, race, and biological features is a threat to the harmony and integrity of the nation. Both integrity and differences cannot stay together at the same time and this is what we all need to understand. Today, India is free from all those social practices that have been damaging the integrity of the Indians.
Mohit Das
Sybmm A

National Integration in the India- the need of the hour

National Integration in simple words can be defined as, ‘unity of a nation’. As the sayings go, “Where there is unity there is always victory!”. Which truly means that if we are united we can achieve anything and everything.
But today humanity is what we are searching for because if there’s humanity then there’s unity and unity in people will lead to national Integration. National Integration can happen if only we the citizens of the nation unite. Today what we are lacking is unity. Today if we see someone in need of help we think before helping the person, why is it happening so? why do we give it a second thought? That’s lack of humanity and unity, It is effecting the people living in today’s society because what we do, how we act is what the next generation is going to adapt, as children learn from elders! National Integration causes awareness among the people living in the nation because if one takes an initiative then it is passed on to others and followed by our next generation and it also creates a habit of helping everyone and as well it teaches us that “Unity is our Strength!”
As we see national integration can help each and every citizen of our society becoming a better human being . As a responsible citizen of our nation it is our duty to stand hand in hand face all obstacles and be united.

-Veena Namdeo Hatle

Fybmm A